Joe Activist: Hero of the Stupid!

Reason With Me

ffrf_atheist_banner.jpgAn atheist banner that was paid for by the Freedom From Religion Foundation was torn down by a vandal of The Lord, Joe McDonald. He climbed 30 feet up a structure in a pubic square in Wilkes-Barre, PA. He cut down the banner and replaced it with an American Flag. Clearly, McDonald doesn’t know that America is a secular nation. His crime was caught by the local news and he even let them interview him. What did McDonald say about his actions?

“I just think in the light of the elementary school massacre in Connecticut, that we shouldn’t be divided as a country over petty stuff like is there a God or isn’t there a God,” said McDonald. “If they wanted to put the sign down here with us, that’s fine because we’re united. But to put it above everybody? No, it’s symbolic.”

Petty stuff like God? Hey, Joe! If a…

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