Heroes and Idols

Excellent words on the PZ Myers debacle and the fallibility of heroes. Well said.

Yankee Skeptic

This is a guest post from my good friend Ellie, also known to many as Library Lady. Yes she really is a librarian and author.  Thank you Ellie, your common sense and heart inspires us all.

About 20 years ago, I realized that idols and heroes did not exist, that
people are people and feet of clay are more common that we like to
think. Role models, same deal. Adopting such figures in your life,
people to follow, people to emulate, eventually leads only to
disappointment. In a way, it’s like the ancient philosophy of calling no
one happy until he (or she, of course) is dead. Perhaps we should say,
call no one admirable until she (or he, of course) is dead.

Great heroes fly over the ocean solo to great acclaim and align
themselves with the philosophies of Hitler. Presidents lead the nation
in the direction we approve…

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