Galactic Center over Lighthouse: do-over

About six weeks ago I posted a photo showing the Milky Way over a lighthouse on Ilse de Groix, as seen from the coast of southern Brittany in France. I still have a lot to learn about post-processing. Here’s my latest effort:

ImageIn this version I was able to reduce some of the atmospheric haze, and the alignment is corrected (the previous image¬†showed the galactic center too high in the sky). I used Deep Sky Stacker for the top segment, Luminance HDR for the middle segment, and a single long exposure for the bottom segment. If you enlarge the photo, you can still see the irregular seem where the middle segment is blended into the top (the middle segment is lower quality). I’m sure it can still be improved upon; there is plenty of information in the dozens of exposures I took.


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